> Social Responsibility

We strongly believe that continuous growth of an enterprise is built on the ground of a stable society and environment; therefore, cableplus is no hesitation of our responsibility to the society.


Protection of the benefit to Stakeholders

        ★ Continuous improvement on the structural management

        ★ Healthy and sound company governance

        ★ Periodic information exposures with high transparency


Protection of employees' right

        ★ Good and sound human resources management

        ★ Continuous communication and harmonic relationship

        ★ Care on employees' health and hygiene


Protection to suppliers, customers and consumers

        ★ Maintenance of a good relationship

        ★ Maintenance of quality on our products and serves


Protection of Environment

        ★ Execution of Cleaner Production

        ★ Execution of Environmental Management System


Support our Society

        ★ Innovative Technology

        ★ Conscience to Charity